Health, Safety & Environment

Mok & Co is committed to the responsible management of health, safety and environmental effects arising from all its activities, products, and services.
Our policy is to provide a healthy and safe working environment by taking adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health arising from the course of work and minimizing the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment.
These commitments are supported by a comprehensive management system covering all operations within the company, aimed at:

  • The prevention of all accidents
  • The prevention, minimization, rendering harmless and the monitoring of releases to the environment
  • Compliance with relevant health, safety and environmental legislations
  • Maintaining a high level of awareness, motivation, training, leadership and accountability for all employees
  • Ensuring a crisis and emergency management system is in place
  • Routinely reviewing the Health, Safety & Environment Policy to ensure it is integrated into every stage of the project
    In addition to the Health, Safety and Environment Policy, Mok & Co implements Low Voltage & High Voltage Safety Regulations which are incorporated into its service Method Statement (MS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) structure.